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13th District Spotlight -- January 2023

Happy New Year! The new year often brings forth renewed hope in goals and a positive outlook on the year to come. Here's to hoping for a better city, better health, and more prosperity in 2023!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Councilman Antonio Glover's office received a call from a constituent concerned about the well-being of her neighbors and community due to recent drug activity and homelessness which eventually led to three vacate properties catching fire and being destroyed. Immediately our office begin coordinating with DPW, BPD & the Mayor’s office of homeless services for a joint response. Within 48 hours the alley was cleaned and homes were boarded up! Councilman Glover wishes to continue to partner with city agencies as well as private partnerships to keep our communities cleans. We have to remember, cleanliness is everyone's responsibility.

We must work together to ensure we are disposing our trash, recycling, and bulk trash properly. In addition, we must report illegal dumping when we see it. Did you know, if you capture illegal dumping on your security cameras it can be helpful in tracking down illegal dumpers. You can report the issue to 311 and send the video to Councilman Glover's office to be forwarded to DHCD.

"His Heart Grew Three Sizes That Day"

One of the things that isn't quantifiable or measurable by a clip from the news or a headline is Councilman Glover's heart to give back to the community. Part of the reason he chose to bring the Jazzy Nights Events, or the Halloween Pumpkin Patch is because he loved being amongst the people and to give back to the community. Because the Holiday Season is a time of giving, it happens to be one of Councilman Glover's favorite times of the year. He spent much of December participating in events designed to give back. For Councilman Glover and his team, this is a year long theme.

McElderry Park Community Association Holiday Party

Councilman Glover had the pleasure of joining with McElderry Park Community Association to Celebrate Community Partners and the Life and Legacy of the late Pam Brown, one of McElderry Park's most dedicated volunteers. During the event, there was food fun, dancing, and giveaways. Several community members and partners were given plaques from McElderry Park, for their commitment to making that community better. Our very own grinch showed up to take pictures with the children that gathered, and every child walked away with a toy. Councilman Glover and Deshawn Batson were celebrated with a plaque for their service to McElderry Park.

Helping to Heal

Councilman Antonio Glover with the support of Mayor Brandon Scott had the privilege and honor to provide Dr. Andre Humphy Commander & Chief of the Baltimore Trauma Response team with funding to continue the much needed work they do across Baltimore city.

The Trauma Response Team shows up on the scene of shootings, homicides and suicides to provide support to victims and families. We ALL have a role to play in ending the bloodshed. As Councilman Glover often states “Together” we can change the trajectory of our city!

You get a toy! You get a toy!

Councilman Glover joined with several organizations to provide toys to as many children as possible this Holiday Season. This included braving cold temperatures to give away toys and coats with Banner Neighborhoods in the Ellwood Park Community. This is the second year that Councilman Glover has joined with Banner Neighborhoods, which celebrated their 40th anniversary this year.

In addition Councilman Glover hosted his own giveaway. Councilman Glover was able to gather several toys, coats, and food items to be able to give away right before Christmas. Thanks to social media, news spread beyond the boundaries of District 13, and Councilman Glover was able to bless families from across the city. We would like to give special mention to The R.I.C.H. foundation for their contributions to this year's give away. Councilman Glover hopes this can continue to be a yearly event, in addition to the other ways he gives back throughout the year.

Ain't No Party Like A Councilman Glover Party...

Councilman Glover's Annual Holiday Solstice Holiday Party is a night of food, fun, and community. Councilman Glover takes this time to invite the community to get to know one another and mingle, all while having a good time and celebrating the communities of the 13th District. It's also a time for the staff and community to let their hair down, put the issues away and just enjoy ourselves. Take some time and enjoy the pictures from this year's event.


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