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13th District Spotlight -- March 2023

Did you know every year, March is designated Women’s History Month by presidential proclamation? The month is set aside to honor women’s contributions in American history...

"In District 13 we have so many women who have made a significant impact in our East Baltimore community and we are forever grateful for their contributions, commitment and love they have given to Baltimore City." - Councilman Antonio Glover

Dr. Doris Terrell Honored By Mayor Scott and Councilman Glover.

Councilman Glover attended an event at City Hall that honored women across the city who

have made impact and change in the communities in which they serve. East Baltimore's own Dr. Doris Terrell was one of the honorees. Dr. Doris Minor-Terrell spent 30 years as an educator in Baltimore City Public Schools; using a holistic approach to educating not only children but adults as well. After retiring from Baltimore Public School, she went on to become an activist in East Baltimore.

In 2015, Minor-Terrell and several residents of Broadway East established the New Broadway East Community Association. The goal was to empower t0 community and revitalize a neighborhood in the community’s vision. " You can not mention East Baltimore or the work that has been done in East Baltimore and throughout District 13 without mentioning Dr. Terrell. She has been an extraordinary leader and partner when it comes to revitalizing District 13," Councilman Glover.

Broadway East faced 40% unemployment with a median income of $36,000.

Under her leadership, the neighborhood has initiated several projects including a plan for its 900 vacant lots called the Greenprint which was finished in August 2020. The partnership with the Bloomburg School of Health and The 6th Branch created a walking trail along N. Wolfe Street. The project included planting 200 trees to provide a canopy. The association plans to plant another 200 trees in the spring of 2021 and is working with American Communities Trust on its Last Mile Initiative on areas along the Amtrak route to greet passengers into Broadway East and Baltimore.

Councilman Glover Catches Illegal Tire Dumpsters

District 13, Earlier in the month of March Illegal Tire Dumpsters were caught after dumping over 3,100 tires.

Illegal dumbing should not and will not be tolerated In Baltimore. It is in fact a crime. As a product of East Baltimore, a former employee of Baltimore Department of Public Work (DPW), and as the councilman for District 13; I know first hand the effects that illegal dumbing has on our community, our city workers and our tax dollars. I take proud in knowing that I have started from cleaning our streets to now making laws to ensure we keep our city clean. I intent to do just that. I have fought for our employees at DPW and I have stood by the constituents of District 13 to make sure we put an end to illegal dumping.

- Councilman Antonio Glover

Quick Hits

Councilman Antonio Glover joined the 45th leadership team for a ” Meet & Greet” with Secretary Jacob Day “ Housing & Community Development “ to talk about the future of East Baltimore!

Councilman Antonio Glover attended this year's 45th District Night Out In Annapolis where residence were able to meet with their elected officials within District 45.


For District 13 Crime Stats Visit:

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Mayor's Spring Clean Up

April 22nd, 2023


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