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13th District Spotlight -- July 2022

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their summer. Councilman Glover reminds everyone to remain safe and vigilant. Let's make coming back outside enjoyable for everyone!

2022 City Budget Season

June 30th of 2022 marks the end of the fiscal year in Baltimore City. in May and June, the City Council begins to consider the Mayor's budget for the following year. Due to COVID in 2021, all hearings were virtual, but this year it was in-person. There were over 100 hours of meetings with the City's agencies to discuss how to divide $4.1 Billion dollars between the operating budget (the money it takes for necessities within the city) and the capital budget (the money it invests in projects and organizations to improve the city). Councilman Glover spent much of this budget hearing trying to secure funding for District 13 and asking the important questions about public safety. In the past council members have only been able to debate the Mayor's budget. Next year, the council will be able to give more input in order to craft the budget.

Backyard Conversations

Councilman Glover continues to try make sure he is accessible to his constituency. This month, he continued with his Backyard Conversations (which turned into a living room conversation due to inclement weather). There, Councilman Glover and his staff met with community members and discussed informational topics such as: what is the role of a councilperson, how to properly utilize 311 to address neighborhood concerns, the importance of properly disposing trash and recyclables, and how to address public safety issues in the community. If you and your community members are interested in hosting a Backyard Conversation, please contact Councilman Glover's office.

Congratulations Mrs. Samuel!

What a tremendous send off for an amazing leader! Councilman Glover's office joined community leaders and Tench Tilghman Elementary-Middle School staff and students, as they bid farewell to Mrs. Jael Samuel after 31 dedicated years of service to the city of Baltimore. She has served 14 great years leading the school and students into multiple victories.

Our Children Are the Future

Councilman Glover has been afforded the opportunity to have a team of multitalented staff members. Deshawn represented the Councilman at the closing ceremony for the pre-k students at the Learning How Education Center. Mr. Batson gave special words to the graduating students while also encouraging the parents to continue their supportive efforts. In addition, Deshawn joined the Belair-Edison school staff and community leaders for a panel discussion speaking to new Baltimore City educators in the Urban Teachers on the important roll teachers play inside and outside the classroom!

Together, We Are Better

Councilman Glover also joined Mayor Brandon Scott, fellow City Council colleagues, city officials and other community leaders at the #BaltimorePride Parade in support of our LGBTQIA+ community. What a powerful demonstration of love and inclusion. As we look at the state of the world today, lets try to appeal to one another's humanity as we collaboratively fight for equity and inclusion for everyone.

Your Voice, Your Power: 845 N. Luzerne Ave

Back in April, Councilman Glover's office was bombarded with phone calls and emails about a rezoning sign that went up at 845 N. Luzerne Ave. This sign was calling for hearing to discuss commercial use of the building, in which the community vehemently opposed. Thanks to input from Community Leader, Pastor P.M. Smith and community members, Councilman Glover and his team were able to work with the Baltimore Department of Planning to create a community plan that would address what neighbors wanted to see in the neighborhood. Thanks to your input, we know that this building will be used for housing alone, and that no variances have been issued changing the use of this building.


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