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13th District Spotlight -- April 2022

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Happy Spring Everyone! Councilman Glover and Team 13 continues to be out and about in the community.

Shake It Don't Break It

Councilman Glover's Office joined with Challenge to Change to take children skating that are involved with their program at Fort Worthington Elementary/Middle School. These children have been mentored by Challenge to change and participated in a black history month program that took place earlier that week. These students also had the opportunity to meet local music artist, YBS Skola. The good news is that there were very few falls and many of the children learned how to skate.

Old School

This month, we also visited Councilman Antonio Glover's Alma Mater, Commodore John Rodgers Community School. Over the winter, the students were learning about their local government. Third graders at CJR wrote letters expressing their concerns about the lack of recycling at their schools. They mentioned that one of their older teachers had been gathering and taking whatever recycling she could, but did not make as much of an impact as when DPW was collecting. The students exclaimed that the lack of recycling has a negative effect on our environment. We were invited to answer their questions directly. These kids were very intelligent and had very productive ideas on ways to improve upon our recycling in the city.

Clean Up Everybody, Everywhere!

We continue to work with our partners to keep our communities clean. This month, we were in the Berea community, cleaning up the dumping that occurs in the alley along Federal Street that runs along Baltimore Cemetery. While we were out, we engaged community members to get out and get rid of the things in their yards that were causing their houses to look blighted. There was so much trash and bulk, that we filled up a dumpster and had to come back to get all of it. We also partnered with the CARE community for their clean-up. This month, Councilman Glover joined Mayor Brandon Scott to announce this year's Mayor's Spring Clean Up.

Councilman Glover believes greening and cleaning our communities will live to safer friendly communities. As someone who has dedicated most of his adult life to keeping or city clean, Councilman Glover is encouraging as many people as possible to participate. If you would like to organize a clean up on your block, please call 311 and sign up for the clean-up.

The Mayor's Spring Cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, April 30, 2022 from 9am to 12pm.

Walk and Talk

We continue to do our Walk and Talk Series throughout all of the neighborhoods in our district. If your community association would like to host a Walk and Talk, or if you would like Councilman Glover to participate in a Back Yard Conversation, contact us. We love being in the community and among the people that we serve. This month's Walk and Talk was in the Community of Communication and Ellwood Park. Neighbors had an opportunity to talk to city agency representatives, and address major concerns, such as the issues with the trash behind the Family Dollar on Patterson Park Ave and Monument St.


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